DDU Runs Panel Discussion on GTP 1 and GTP 2

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Posted on: Oct 08,2015

Dire Dawa University held a university wide panel discussion on the end of GTP 1 and the beginning of GTP 2 from September 15-22, 2015. The discussion took part inside the two students’ cafeterias: the administration staff in the one cafeteria and academic staff in the other and it stayed for 7 days.

H/E Ato Mulugeta Weretaw, Minister Data of the Federal Affairs and Chairman of the DDU Governing Board in his opening session stated about the aim of the panel discussion unfolding it in to four categories. Accordingly, the first aim of the discussion was to had a wide discussion with the staff on the implementation of the first GTP (that began in 2003E.C and lasted in 2007E.C); the second was to create awareness on the GTP 2 and its implementation (that begins in 2008E.C and lasts in 2012E.C); the third was to discuss on the status of quality education and the role of stake holders in maintaining quality in HEI; and the last was about the transformational activities carried out in the university.

Dr. Girma Goro, DDU President, who stated about the benefits of the panel discussion, said that “the discussion would be a good opportunity for us to get valuable input with regard to GTP 2 implementation by taking good lessons from GTP 1 considering those areas of achievements where strong as well as less strong achievements have been scored.


(Written and Edited by Nega Gezahegn)