Staff Discusses on a 5 year (GTP 2) strategic plan

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Posted on: Oct 07,2015

Dire Dawa University has introduced new strategic plan draft document that will be implemented in a five year periods of time: from 2015 G.C to 2020 G.C . The strategic plan was unveiled during a one day workshop that aimed at evaluating and discussing on the document with dean, directors, head of departments and team leaders.

The approach used in formulating this strategic plan is the Balanced Score Card . This approach is an improved strategic planning process for focusing on the most important things, and proved to be the most effective strategic management system for aligning day-to-day work to an University’s vision and strategy.

This Strategic Plan has been developed to enable the university to be proactive and to actively shape its own destiny. Particularly, it will guide and facilitate the effective management and development of the University. As a matter of strategic planning elements the long-term vision of Dire Dawa University are revitalized and the mission is re-rewritten. To realize the vision, strategic themes are developed; well-thought objectives to realize the themes are formulated and integrated corporate objectives that align theme objectives were formulated. To collect necessary inputs for the formulation of the plan; the previous strategic plan, BPR documents,

the newly enacted higher education proclamation, national policies and strategies, higher education relevance and quality assurance agency (HERQA) documents and its organizational structure were reviewed and considered. Deep attention was also given for stakeholders’ needs and expectation and hence a well thought customer value proposition is developed.

The strategic plan is also focused towards the expansion of graduate

programs both in terms of student enrollment and program development in the coming few years.

In general, the five year time period is characterized by the accelerated development of the nation and hence it is highly important to scan the environment within shorter period and take necessary adjustment while implementing the plan accordingly. Beyond the aforementioned national development fact, today’s global world is changing rapidly due to the introduction of new technologies, globalization, etc. this fact further justifies the plan to be more flexible.

The strategic plan draft team which consisted of five members was organized by the University Management.


(Reporting & Editing by Eyob Nega)