DDU Celebrates Earth Day

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Posted on: Jul 28,2015

Earth Day was celebrated inside DDU with different activities on April 22, 2015 colorfully. The event was organized by the Department of Geography in collaboration with different partners.

Dr. Yitbarek Getachew, Vice President for Academic and Research Affairs, who opened the ceremony said that the concept of Earth Day was started in USA in 1970s following the Vietnam war that left a massive natural recourses ravaged that different activities were carried out marking the day mainly to create awareness and restore the natural recourses. In general, he said that the purpose of the event was to create healthy and sustainable environment that different themes such as clean air and clean environment for all nations and nationalities used to be addressed as a means to advocate the protection of natural environment.

Even in the contemporary world, he added, the concept of safe energy and green technology are being advocated to use as an alternative means of energy mainly address society to be care and love to the Earth internationally.

He at last remarked that every community of the DDU should take assignment to keep green campus and promote sustainable environment and act accordingly. The event was marked with different activities- students question and answer session, panel discussion and planting trees in the selected area of the campus. Instructors, students, stake holders, invited guests and high school students participated in the event.

Each year, Earth Day celebrates on April 22 worldwide to demonstrate and support for environmental protection. This year Earth Day is being celebrated under the theme of Think Green!! Let’s think green and protect our campus.