PADM Organizes Experience Sharing Seminar on Management of NGOs

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Posted on: Jul 28,2015

The Department of Public Administration and Developmental Management (PADM) has organized a half day experience sharing seminar on Management of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in collaboration with non-governmental organizations working in Dire Dawa and the surrounding areas on 29th May 2015. According to Head Department of PADM, Ato Misgana Ashma, “the seminar has been organized with two specific objectives. The first one is to provide students the opportunity to see practically what they have learned in class room theoretically.  The second one is to create a forum for students an area-wide relationship and network with NGOs working in Dire Dawa and the surrounding areas.”

In his opening speech, Dean of School of Business and Economics, Ato G/krstos G/slassie,  said “the task of providing quality education and producing qualified manpower is not only left to higher education institutions rather to all stakeholders such as government, development agencies, industries and NGOs.. Today, our guests from OXFAM, Save the Children and from HCs are doing this. So I want to thank them for their cooperation and interest to come here and share their experiences to the prospective graduates who are immediate potential employees of the organization of the country.”       He at last expressed his hope that students would grasp additional knowledge and would complement it with the knowledge they have already got in class.

In the seminar, four invited NGOs working on various service areas of the community, i.e. OXFAM, Save the Children, HCS/Hararghe Catholic Secretariat and Shama Birhan shared their experiences to this year graduating students. The NGOs discussion in particular focused on their achievements, opportunities, challenges and other related issues and shared to the students relating them to their operations and performance.

Following the four NGOs power point presentations, hot discussions and question/answer sessions between the representatives of the NGOs and the participants took part. Finally a closing remark was held by the Dean of the School of Business and Economics. He said that “the seminar was successful in meeting its objectives.”

In the seminar, 61 graduating class of PADM, invited guest and invited staff members of Law School and staff from the Department of PADM were participated.