The 6th Annual Mathematics Olympiad and Math Teacher Training held

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Posted on: Jul 28,2015

The Department of Mathematics hosted the 6th Annual Mathematics Olympiad on May 16/ 2015 in the Conference Room. Among the major activities that took part during the events was a mathematics question and answer session (Olympiad) which representative of around 30 school students of the Dire Dawa City Administration starting from Grade 7 up to 11 were participated.

According to Ato Addis, Head of the Mathematics Department, Mathematics Olympiad, which was well known by the name of Mathematics Forum since earlier to its foundation, has been serving the surrounding community schools in mathematics education since 2002 E.C. It has been doing towards promoting the elegance of Mathematics at schools level, attracting students towards the Subject in particular sharing the subject at the level of the university and addressing Mathematics Forum going further to the Eastern Ethiopia.

Similarly, training on Solid Geometry for selected high school mathematics teachers of Dire Dawa Administration was given in the same day but in different Room. A total of 26 school teachers teaching Mathematics were participated in the training.

On the morning session the training was focused on general concepts about solid geometry and its makeup’s, polyhedrons, prisms, and surface areas and volumes of cylinders and sphere. In the second session, the training was focused on the Pyramids and Cones.

The Head said that, the Department is committed to building partnerships between school districts and their communities to transform high schools into communities that offer excellent conditions for teaching and learning for all students.

At last, constrictive comments and futures direction over the activities done were forwarded by participants.