Department of Law

Background of the Program

Since the establishment of the Faculty of Law of Addis Ababa University in 1963, the expansion of higher institutions of legal education had stagnated, proliferating only in the past decade with the establishment of new schools of law across the country with the objective of preparing trained legal professionals who interpret and apply the numerous laws of Ethiopia and provide for the nation's pressing requirements of qualified legal manpower.
The regular LL.B program of the schools of law takes five years to complete. Several institutions have also been providing education through the continuing education program where students are enrolled for a study which leads to the award of the LL.B degree.
The current nationally harmonized curriculum of the schools of law, applied since the 2012/13 (2005 E.C) Academic Calendar, adopts a modular approach to instruction and employs the European Credit Accumulation and Transfer System (ECTS). This marks a radical shift from the traditional modalities of instruction and curriculum delivery. The new syllabus would be applicable to fresh entrants of the LL.B students in the regular as well as the continuing education programs.
This design for change in instructional approach has been stimulated by a strong conviction that a timely alteration of how the future legal professionals are trained is imperative if the schools of law across the country aspire to achieve their mission of preparing competent and responsible professionals who contribute towards democracy, human rights, good governance, social justice and development.