To All MA/MSC Students of DDU

To all MA/MSC Students of DDU

Second Semester Registration 

Please be informed that your registration for the second semester of 2010 E.C academic year is as follows:

Type of Admission Registration Date Class Begins End of Semester Class
1st year Regular Post Graduate Students Yekatit 12 Yekatit 14 Ginbot 24
2nd year and above Regular Post Graduate Students  Yekatit 12 Yekatit 14 (if any) Ginbot 24
1st year CEP (Weekend & Night) Post Graduate Students Yekatit 08 Yekatit 10 Ginbot 19
2nd year and above CEP (Weekend & Night) Post Graduate Students  Yekatit 08 Yekatit 10 Ginbot 19

N:B: Last Date of Thesis defense in the second semester will be Sene 8 (No defense is allowed after this date until graduation). 


School of Graduate Studies